I’m off to cupcake heaven, care to join?

I’m off to cupcake heaven, care to join?

I just am totally in love (along with hundreds of others) with the whimsical stylings of Zalita’s Cupcake D’lights. Her way with colors schemes, proportion, and just pure creativeness really stand out as unique. I adore her butterflies, rose forms and tiny tea sets. She must have the patience of an oak tree! Alas, she is located in Durban South Africa (cries), so it is doubtful I will ever be able to taste one of these lovely creations in real life but I swear I can almost taste one every time I look at her new work. (drools…..)

Here are a few examples of her lovely cuppies

For more of these delightful creations, check out Zalita’s Blog: http://www.cupcakedlights.blogspot.com/

You can also see her photos on flickr (that’s where I found her)

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