Gummy Eyeball Tutorial

Gummy eyeballs are so fun and so yummy! They make great spooky party treats or realistic details for a bust cake. I used this technique on my zombie cake to make super gooey, realistic eyeballs. They even feel real but they taste like vanilla gummybears!

Published on: 17 October
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Outrageous Wedding Cakes Video

While many have probably dreamed of their wedding cakes since childhood, they were most likely not wedding cakes quite like this. From a cake with a river running through it to a tower of cake dripping in 30 pounds of Swarovski crystals, Food Network is going from coast to coast to find the most incredible creations by the best cake artists in the country. These magicians can make anyone’s dream cake come true —— no matter the cost.

Published on: 25 September
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Cake Inspired by Athens Greece

Watch the video of my working fountain cake! This was a super fun project for Cake Masters Magazine, Around the World in 40 Cakes featuring 40 cakes from 40 cake decorators. Each with a different location from around the world as the inspiration for their piece. I was so honored to be a part of […]

Published on: 10 September
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