Puppy & Kitten Basket Cake Tutorial

Learn now to sculpt this adorable puppy and kitten from RKT (rice krispy treats) and modeling chocolate. I’ll also go over structure and how to airbrush your cute creations! You’ll also learn how to create this basket weave texture.

Published on: 25 October
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How To Sculpt Rice Krispy Treats

Have you struggled with modeling with Rice Cereal Treats? Do they always fall apart? Do you wonder how to get them to stick to the darn structure? This RKT tutorial shows you how!

Published on: 24 October
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Gummy Eyeball Tutorial

Gummy eyeballs are so fun and so yummy! They make great spooky party treats or realistic details for a bust cake. I used this technique on my zombie cake to make super gooey, realistic eyeballs. They even feel real but they taste like vanilla gummybears!

Published on: 17 October
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